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How to Make Video Production Interviews & B-Roll More Affordable


Pre-production is the secret to getting an affordable video production. This is the stage in the video process that revolves around planning. It’s key to having a good shoot.

Research the location, gear, and best time to shoot. Pre-production also includes making a production schedule and coming up with interview questions.

All these steps make your video production interview and B-Roll cheaper.

Interviews and b-rolls let you customize the story for your target audience.

Research & Planning

Research and planning are crucial for a successful pre-production of a video project. It offers a clear path for the whole project. It helps to recognize potential risks and plan to reduce their effects, or even avoid them.

Define the scope of the project. This includes the creative, budgetary, and timeline needs. Research potential vendors who can provide the needed work. Obtain references for a better understanding of working with each vendor. Look for similar projects in the past. Interview people involved, and get access to related footage.

Create a detailed shot list. It should cover all shots needed for each scene. Also, include focus shots that emphasize the primary message (if applicable). Planning will help get all necessary footage, saving time and money. Establish a schedule for each phase of production. Include the schedule in contracts to ensure accountability.

Negotiate Rates with Vendors

Negotiating rates with vendors is the best way to make video production interviews and B-roll more affordable. You could get a lower rate due to special offers or discounts. Plus, explore 0% interest installment plans or payment plans. Having a clear negotiation process and willingness to compromise can help reduce costs.

Building personal relationships with vendors is key. Reach out before making an offer to create trust. Research market rates online and ask other video producers. With this information, you can negotiate for reasonable prices within budget. Crafting a compromise that both sides are happy with is possible.

Outline Your Goals & Objectives

When you are prepping for video production interviews and b-roll, take time to list your goals and objectives. This will help you make sure you understand what you want from your project. It will also guide other decisions during production.

To establish your objectives, talk with people in your organization. Discuss why the video is being made, who it is for, where will it be used (e.g. website or presentation), and who should be interviewed.

Create an interview script for questions. Do research about information related to the topic. Make a list of questions to learn how people think about an issue or problem. Write down facts and details that need to be included in answers.

Outline b-roll footage needs. Consider existing footage that can support a story and extra footage needed for post-production editing. Spend time to know what footage is available and what else is needed. This will help you decide how much filming is required for a successful outcome.


Video Production interviews and B-Roll? Yes, these are needed to make a successful video. But if you’re on a budget, it could be hard. Don’t worry! There are many ways to save money while still having high quality.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make video production interviews and B-Roll more affordable.

Rent Equipment

Renting production equipment is a great way to cut costs when making video interviews or B-roll. Monthly rentals, or even day rates, can help reduce the cost of buying pricey equipment for short-term projects. Nowadays, many local stores and national rental companies provide audio, camera equipment and grip sets at good prices. This allows film producers and directors to concentrate more on the creative part of the project than its budget.

When renting production equipment, here are some points to keep in mind. If you need multiple cameras, it may be better to rent them than buy. This is because they’ll only be used during production, not long term. Be sure to get verified working systems with warranties from the rental house. This will help prevent any problems with old models or broken parts.

Finally, renting can still be pricey, so it’s smart to research for the best deals near you. Also, look into other cost-saving options such as borrowing from friends or volunteering with local film organizations. These can help you get equipment at reduced cost or get volunteers as camera operators at no cost.

Utilize Natural Light Sources

To make video production interviews and b-roll more affordable, rely on natural light sources. The sun is the most common. When shooting outdoors, try different angles with reflectors to use the sun’s light. Shadows created by natural sunlight can add mood and dimension.

Other natural sources such as streetlights, reflections, moonlight or candelight can also be used. Plan your shoot in advance to make sure your crew has all the necessary equipment for indoor and outdoor shots. Bring a portable light kit on location too, in case of unexpected weather or scheduling issues.

Reuse Props & Sets

Video production costs can include props, sets, and costumes. Instead of buying new items, rent or reuse goods from past projects. Many locations have access to props and sets that can be reused and adapted. When possible, use common items from home or borrow from friends/family.

If you need to buy pieces, shop at second-hand stores or online for discounted stuff. With a bit of creativity, you can manage with props and sets on hand and still make an incredible piece!


Post-production is essential for video production interviews and B-roll. It can cost a lot. Beginners and experienced filmmakers need to cut costs. Here are some tips to make video production interviews and B-roll more affordable. Save money!

Edit Footage Efficiently

Plan your video first – decide what camera angles you’ll use, and how to transition between them. Pick your software – popular choices are Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. Then start editing! Rearrange clips into a narrative that captures the story.

Ask someone to review your work – they can give unbiased feedback. With practice, you can save money on post-production and create a captivating story.

Utilize Free & Low-Cost Software

Once your footage is ready for post-production, there are free and low-cost software options available.

Adobe Premiere is a great choice for those needing advanced video tools, including audio mixing and color correction. Final Cut Pro X is great for multi-track projects. Avid Media Composer first is budget-friendly and makes it easy to start editing digital video. iMovie is the easiest and most user-friendly app. DaVinci Resolve is an industry standard in color grading. Corel VideoStudio Pro X has advanced features at an entry-level price. Magix Video ProX7 offers 4K UHD quality and HDR support. Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite helps beginners quickly assemble projects with cinematic style templates. Finally, Vegas Movie Studio Platinum offers precision controls across multiple tracks, perfect for polishing your project before delivering it.

Utilize Online Stock Footage

Online stock footage is a great way to make your interviews and B-roll more affordable. There are many stock libraries that provide royalty-free video clips for a fraction of the cost of filming or buying from an individual. You can find illustrations, animations, photographs, and live footage. Plus, some libraries have editing tools to customize the clips and make them look even better!

Use online stock footage to make your interviews and B-roll production even more cost-effective.

Tips & Tricks

Video production interviews and B-Roll are great for making a video more interesting. But, hiring professionals to record them can be expensive. Luckily, there are ways to cut costs!

With the right tips, you can get amazing interviews and B-Roll for a low budget.

Use Your Own Equipment

When it comes to video production, interviews and b-roll require various equipment. This can be a big expense. But, sometimes you can use your own equipment!

For instance, if you possess a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a decent lens and mic, you can use this to capture quality video. And, for simpler scenarios such as meetings or talking heads interviews, you can use a webcam or smartphone camera – which often have smaller price tags.

Once you have your camera setup, you’ll need to make sure there is good lighting and quality audio. It’s important to understand your equipment before you record, so you don’t end up with unexpected artifacts during post-production editing. If you don’t have the technical knowledge, it might be worthwhile to do some research, or consult with professionals beforehand. That way, you can avoid costly mistakes!

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Producing interviews and b-roll footage can be costly and take a lot of time. However, you can save money and still make compelling content by using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live and Instagram Live. People feel comfortable with these mediums. Plus, you don’t have to rent studios or equipment – you can use your own software from home.

Interviews and b-rolls let you customize the story for your target audience. This helps boost connection with your company. Moreover, live streaming platforms like YouTube Live are perfect for engaging with viewers in real-time. This kind of interaction creates higher engagement and better results than traditional methods.

Don’t overlook the potential of these mediums to create amazing video projects without draining your budget!

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