Full Service Video Production

Overview of Video Production Services

Our St Louis Video Editor creation squad creates top-notch video material. It can grab your audience’s focus. Interviewing main figures? Filming fascinating b-roll? Our team can do it all!

Let’s look at the video production services our team can provide.

Types of videos we produce

At our firm, we think video production should have a purpose and captivating tale. Our videographers have over ten years of experience making videos from educational, commercials, corporate profile/promo videos, and event coverage. We use research to understand your target audience. Plus, we include techniques like drone shots, motion graphics, and Chroma key to make your story come alive. Here are the services we provide:

-Educational Videos: We change complex topics into appealing stories by customizing them for audiences. Interviews with experts bring real perspectives which boost the message. Through educational videos, you can clarify any idea.

-Commercials/Promotional Videos: Promo videos give potential customers a look into what you offer. This helps you get more leads and raise brand awareness. We help you make attractive commercial or promotional videos that prompt people to act with effective messaging and calls to action.

-Corporate Profile Videos: Corporate profile videos act as info tools. They show who your company is and what makes it stand out from competitors. This saves your clients or partners time compared to presentations or brochures.

-Event Coverage: From movie premiers to sports tournaments, event coverage puts events in the spotlight. It shows your company culture and products, plus builds good PR that reaches bigger audiences near and far away through campaigns on social media.

Our process for creating videos

At St Louis Video Editor, we get it: video content needs to be compelling. We make videos that spread your message. And, we have a great process for making sure your video looks and sounds great.

The video production process consists of five steps:

1. Pre-production: Discussing your vision, scripting, storyboarding, scouting locations, and setting schedules.

2. Production: We come to the set or studio to record footage for the project, logging 10+ hours per day.

3. Post-production: Our editors use the best equipment and software to assemble footage. Color correction, audio sweetening/mixing, and graphics may be added if needed.

4. Delivery: Digital downloads, DVDs & Blurays, and streaming platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

5. Follow-up support: Our team is available after delivery to answer questions and help insert videos into external websites.

We understand that each project is special. We work to make your vision come true, with stunning images, captivating interviews, and b-roll footage that conveys your story.

Our Equipment

Our vid-team is equipped with the latest pro gear. We’re packing top-notch cameras, mics, lights and cases. We always bring spares too, just in case of tech troubles.

Plus we use rigs, gimbals and other accessories for smooth, stable shots. Wanna take a peek at our equipment?


We equip our professional-grade cameras with a range of lenses. This means we can handle any kind of shoot, no matter the environment. Our four-thirds-format image sensors are designed for excellent low-light performance. We record in Full HD with H.264/AVC, Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 codecs. Plus, each project has its own dedicated audio recorder for clear sound.

We make sure to get the most out of our equipment. So all our interviews, b-rolls and more will be captured in cinematic quality. With us, you can trust that your high definition recordings will be perfect!


Light is essential for good video quality. Poor lighting will reduce image quality and waste your effort. Our lighting setup provides beautiful, natural-looking light – not too bright. We light faces and backgrounds evenly, to minimize shadows and create a natural, professional look.

We use 300W Fresnel lights for interviews. Barndoors limit unwanted spill-light. For b-roll, we use large softboxes – perfect for picking up environment elements without reflections. LED panels to emphasize a subject, without overpowering the area. In tricky shooting situations, we also use smaller LED panels to control light in tight spaces or add “sparkle” to shiny objects.


Our audio pros know how to capture natural & clear sound. We understand microphones & applications, so we pick the right equipment for each project. We have lavalier, boom, handheld & shotgun mics for on-site & independent recording projects. We use modern wireless systems indoors & out.

Plus, we have digital recorders that can record up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution – great for film video work. Our video team has portable field mixers that mix mics, music & SFX for location recordings. We have equipment for all kinds of production – from corporate interviews to TV shows & feature films. Our equipment is top industry standard, so your project stands out.

Our Team

Our elite crew is full of talented, imaginative experts. They are ace at producing visuals that hit hard. Our team is savvy in researching and creating content that works. From talking to people in the field to locating top-notch b-roll footage – we know what to do.

We recognize how important visuals are. Our video squad is devoted to making sure your video project is outstanding quality and will mesmerize your viewers.

Experienced video producers

Our team of expert video producers is creative and talented. They make cost-effective solutions for corporate videos and documentaries. Their goal? To make content that engages viewers emotionally. They do this through telling stories in a captivating way and making visuals that are eye-catching.

We use a range of DSLR and professional cameras. Our sound operators know how to record all types of sound, from live music to jingles. Plus, we can take our equipment anywhere! So, we can capture important interviews at the right time.

Our team is a group of professionals who understand their job. They make sure you get the highest quality output without compromising on style or speed, no matter the size of the project. Whether it’s a huge corporate campaign or a start-up video, our team will help your project stand out.

Professional editors

Our Team is home to experienced, conscientious and creative editors. We know how to take your project from idea to a finished product. We can provide music composition and voice-over recordings, color grading, and more.

Our editors are storytellers that can accurately express your message or story. We capture interviews and create b-rolls. We also edit the final product and add special effects. We correct color saturation and incorporate 3D/2D animations.

Our editors are highly trained professionals who understand editing is both an art and a skill. We use the latest software and traditional skills. We tailor each video according to a client’s needs – no two projects are the same!

Skilled videographers

Our team of talented videographers have a wealth of knowledge in recording amazing interviews, great b-roll, and creating superb products. All of our staff are highly trained professionals. They use the newest tech, techniques, and production values to make sure every project meets the highest standards. We’re passionate about capturing the truth and closeness that comes with real conversations and producing videos with real characters.

Our videographers specialize in adding artistic flair and promotional material that improves any project. We provide a full range of services that incorporate preproduction, capture, edit and post production services, going from capturing a musically filmed music video to producing long form documentaries. With years of experience, we know how to find creative solutions for all types of video projects. We can do anything from multi-camera production interview shoots to 4K cinematic locations shoots; no project is too big or small for us!

Interviews and B-Roll

Interviews and B-Roll are extremely important for a successful video production. They can make the story come alive. Our video team has loads of experience and skill in creating amazing visuals and sound.

Let’s explore how they make it stand out! Why? Because their interviews and b-roll are captivating.

Pre-interview preparation

Prepping for a video interview or b-roll shoot? To get the best result, start by doing your research. Find out about everyone in the video, the subject, and the environment. Make sure to bring a range of questions for each person to establish a connection with the team’s interests.

Think about what shots you want to get. Note any special angles or footage techniques needed. Before recording, make sure everyone knows the equipment, lighting, and sound setup. This will help avoid distractions while recording and surprises while editing.

Capturing compelling interviews

Video interviews are a great way to share important messages with your audience. Our video crew will work with your interviewees to make them feel at ease, craft the stories you want to tell, and record interviews that resonate with your viewers. We can also arrange production elements such as lighting, sound, and staging for a professional look and feel.

Our video pros are also top notch at capturing b-roll footage that pairs with interviews or stands alone as visual support for a story. B-roll footage gives an exciting look into the people and places related to a story, creating more depth. We have plenty of experience scouting out locations, getting shooting permits, hiring extra talent or crew, and fulfilling any other filming needs.

When it comes to recording interviews or b-roll footage, we make sure each element is up to industry standard for picture quality, sound, and accuracy. Even after recording, we can provide script assistance for narration and post-production services, such as video editing, so you get exactly what you wanted from start to finish.

Capturing dynamic b-roll

Our video team knows how to get amazing b-roll. We understand how important it is for the video production to have the right elements and angles. We want to work with you on location planning, camera angles, and composition. Our goal is to get high quality b-roll that captures all the details.

Good b-roll helps the audience go from passive to engaged. We will help you choose shots and sequencing that create interesting visuals and soundbites. We know what compositions will draw viewers in, away from something, or emphasize a point. Through planning, our team will make sure your videos capture attention with great visuals and sound.

Quality Assurance

Our video team is proud of the quality assurance we put into each video. We use top-notch recording and lighting tools. Our post-production is up to par. Editing and delivery follows proven methods.

All videos must meet the highest standards. They must reach a level of excellence and meet all requirements.

Reviewing footage

Reviewing footage is a must for our quality assurance process. We make sure that each video production meets our strict standards before it is given to the client. We use multiple approaches to reviewing footage and make sure every product checks both technical specifications and desired visual aesthetics.

Firstly, we use a technical system to review each piece of footage. This way we can make sure it will be encoded properly into different formats without any compression loss or re-encoding artifacts. We check all the fine details, like focus accuracy, sound sync levels, colorspace, exposure corrections and file integrity.

Secondly, our video team does an in-depth creative evaluation. They watch the raw footage from camera masters before grading to identify issues missed during the capture phase. They also evaluate creative streaks like camera movement, panning shots, steadicams and cranes. This makes sure the videos meet brand guidelines and engage viewers.

We also offer further review stages upon request. These include color correction/grading evaluations or custom editing services depending on the customer. This guarantees only high-quality videos that match our standards and meet every customer’s goals.

Editing for clarity

Our editors take over once filming is done. We use digital software and editing skills to make sure the video meets the specs. Plus, voice-overs, special effects, and more. We color-correct, audio mix, add transitions and visuals. We fix any issues that come up. Sub-frame edits make small changes. We reduce frame flickering. Plus, multiple reviews before it’s released. A finished product free of errors. That’s our guarantee.

Color grading for consistency

Color grading, also known as color correction or color timing, is the process of changing the color properties of footage or images to get a desired look. We can make tones in an image brighter and more consistent, creating a more attractive image. It can also help to match references.

When shooting video with multiple cameras and different lighting, such as for interviews or b-roll footage, color grading makes the production look consistent. It can neutralize various lighting conditions so footage from different parts looks the same.

Our video team has experienced professionals. They are experts in advanced color grading techniques. This brings unity and professionalism to your final product. We aim for perfection and take pride in making visuals with balanced colors. Every project has perfect results!